Dietary Supplements and Herbs

Use of Dietary Supplements to Tackle Anxiety

A dietary supplement is simply an add-on or accessory of our usual diet. Dietary supplements are used by people in order to take in specific chemicals, nutrients and substances along with the common dietary nutrients which we consume. It is basically an accessory for the usual diet. Dietary supplements can be consumed in different forms such as capsules, tablets, liquids, powders, softgels and gelcaps. In some cases, the supplement is also consumed in raw form, or as a condiment or garnishment or topping on normal food. In some cases herbs are also consumed. It is essential that you consult a doctor or a dietitian before you consume any kind of dietary supplement.


In the recent past, medications in the form or traditional herbs have been revived. Liquids, tablets and small extracts of these herbs are often consumed for their medical properties.
Kava Kava or simply Kava which is scientifically known as Piper methysticum is a herb/crop from the western Pacific regions. The roots of this plant are known for their sedative and anesthetic properties, and upon consumption, the consumer depicts some substantial anxiolytic effects by getting rid of the anxiety, keep the mind at peace, steadying and lowering very high blood pressure and pulse and overall relieving the body of stress and tension. Kava can be consumed in the form of simple herb, Kava beverage, tea cola, and pills
Passion Flower, which is sometimes also known as Passiflora is another herb. The juices and extracts of the Passion flower can be used as medication, especially to curb down symptoms of anxiety such as extreme stress, muscular tension and insomnia. Negative emotions occurring as a result of secretions in large proportions can be soothed by this herb. Spasmodic activity of the muscles are also curbed down by this herb
Peppermint is a great answer for a digestive system which has been affected by the anxiety and stress. The human digestive system often reacts very badly to extreme stress and anxiety. Peppermint soothes the upheaval caused in digestive system. Unexplained diarrhea, vomiting (in some cases) and nauseating acidity can be cured by this herb. Peppermint can be consumed directly, or in the form or extract capsules
Hops is another remedy for stress and anxiety. Hops is a great remedy for diarrhea and anxiety associated digestive problems. It reduced restlessness and nervousness when consumed. The flower is used in the brewing processes, however extracts are often available for medical purposes. Furthermore several alcoholic brews. The herbal form of Hops is often used in collaboration with Valerian
Valerian is another flowering plant which is used as a herb. Extreme nervousness, hysteria, stress and tension which make the body very volatile and the nerves unstable get soothed by the action of Valerian. The calming effect on the nervous system, digestion and respiration and also helps people to fall asleep. Oral formulas dosages of extracts and pills along with raw herb or fresh extract of Valerian are also used