The art of mastering balls

A Guide on Choosing Your First Bowling Ball Choosing the right bowling ball can significantly improve your scores and consistency. For beginners, choosing the most suitable ball to start with can be daunting. The market offers various type of balls ideal for different skill levels and bowling styles. Whether you want a ball for precise insider line strikes or wide and high rev strikes, the most important thing is picking a ball that matches your style of play. Follow these simple tips before buying a bowling ball. Know your ideal ball weight. Many beginners make the mistake of buying heavier balls than they can actually handle. The heavier the ball is, the harder it becomes to control, especially if you are not used to that weight. Weight you can't handle also increases the risk of injury. Knowing what weight best suits you is a matter of trying yourself and finding a ball that you can comfortably throw without straining your arm. The ideal weight of the ball should be around 10% of your body weight, up to the maximum of 16 pounds. Always start with lighter weights before moving on to pro ball weight. Select the best ball possible for your bowling style. Bowling styles vary from beginners to pros. If you expect to produce wide hooking strikes or precise hooks that crash all the pins and send them crashing all over the deck, not everyone can easily achieve that. Every bowler should be aware of their bowling style and technique before spending money on balls. Whether you use a more accurate shooting technique or have a ton of power in your shots, there is a wide variety of balls to choose from. Asking more experienced bowlers about the balls they use is also a good idea. People who have a similar bowling style will help you make a good choice. The 4 Most Unanswered Questions about Gear Carefully consider the lane conditions you will be bowling on. Every bowling alley has unique lane conditions. If you are familiar with the lane conditions of the local bowling league, it will be easier for you to choose balls that enhance your bowling experience. If the bowling alleys are fast and with oily lane conditions, you need balls suited for those exact conditions. It's good to have different balls for different lane conditions, especially if you bowl in different alleys. Make sure that you also decide on the best cover stock for your balls. The outer surface material determines how your ball reacts to lane conditions. The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Gear Get some advice and tips from leading pro shops in the area. Most pro shop workers and owners have a history of bowling and are experienced in helping buyers pick the right bowling balls for specific bowling styles and skill levels. Check out the different balls they sell and ask why they recommend certain balls. Before making any purchases, read reviews in online stores and get more details about specific balls you want to buy. Do a price comparison of top brand balls on the market. Understanding these guidelines will help you pick the most suitable ball for bowling.

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